Welcome to South Slayden Farms' Homeowner Association Website!

If you are a land or homeowner in South Slayden Farms, then you know how fortunate we are to have a great homeowner's association (SSFHA). If you are a prospective owner, we welcome you and want you to know our SSFHA is made up of residents and landowners of South Slayden Farms. SSFHA's Board of Directors rotate their voluntary service and oversee our community by reviewing new development plans, ensuring covenant compliance, organizing community activities and neighborhood watch events, and they stay engaged with local officials who help ensure we receive timely public services like road maintenance and police and rescue services when they are needed in our community.

SSFHA conducts an annual business meeting in late January each year. During this annual meeting, we discuss old and new business, often have guest speakers and vote on new officers for the coming year. All home and landowners are encouraged to serve on the SSFHA board in some capacity. The diversity among our owners brings new thoughts, perspectives and ideas to the board, which keeps the board effective and fresh.

Please take a few minutes to navigate our website. It contains information about upcoming SSFHA events and copies of our current Homeowner Covenants for your perusal. If you have questions, comments or need more information please feel free to reach out to our board via email noted on our contact page.

We appreciate you stopping by and look forward to meeting you. Should you have friends or family considering property in South Slayden Farms, you may want to refer them to our marketing website for the latest information on available properties: www.southslaydenfarms.com